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Language + Culture = Better Communication

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In the real world communication does not happen in a vacuum. Your message is shaped, influenced and even distorted by your own cultural profile as well as those you are communicating with. “Culture” is one of the most powerful determinants of human behaviour and relations. Even when using “the right words” cultural miscommunication can lose you business.

Your Cross Culture Partners

At Richard Lewis Communications, we have been leaders in the field of cross cultural communication and competence for global professionals for several decades. Our knowledge is rooted in the work and model of Richard D Lewis – “The Lewis Model” is widely accepted as the most practical and applicable cultural model for international businesses to improve their cross cultural competence for better cross-border results. Our mission is to help you communicate more effectively across cultures, build international relationships and win global deals.

Integrated training for maximum value

Our cross cultural expertise can be integrated into your own language training to make sure the content of what you communicate is not affected by your cultural delivery. Together we can help you maximise the effectiveness of your message all over the world, whichever cultures you interact with professionally.

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