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Corporate English Language Training at Riversdown

Riversdown House has been the centre of ultra-intensive English communications skills training for global professionals since 1971.

Riversdown Business English Lesson Immersion

Established by our chairman Richard D Lewis after a five-year period in Japan when he founded the Berlitz schools in East Asia and was Tutor to members of the Japanese Imperial family, Riversdown House has helped over 35,000 executives, government workers, academics, VIPs and private individuals to achieve their English language and global communication goals.

Riversdown Business English Lesson Immersion

Intense, Demanding and Rewarding

Surrounded by your target language and actively practising for over 12 hours a day, with up to 8 one-to-one sessions with your training team, a course at Riversdown house will probably be one of the most demanding learning experiences you have ever faced. We want you to achieve maximum learning progress and the highest possible Return on Investment for your time at Riversdown through your advanced immersion training programme.

Your learning environment and timetable have been specially selected and designed to minimise your distractions, maintain your energy and increase your motivation. An enjoyable and stimulating learning experience is an efficient, effective and economically valuable learning experience for you.

Every single one of your additional needs (meals, accommodation, laundry, exercise, entertainment and so on) is already organised for you so there is nothing else to distract you from your studies.

English for Real World Results

We recognise that you have come to study for a specific purpose and that for most students improved fluency and confidence in English is not your end goal.

Your aim is to improve your skills so that you can continue to succeed in your own career, and so at Riversdown we focus both on your time with us and how what you learn here will help you and your organisation in the future. We specialise in Business English across all sectors, academic English and advanced communications skills.

Your Success after Riversdown

We offer continued support packages for students who wish to maintain the rapid progress they make during their intensive immersion training. Ask your training team, or contact us for more details.

The Countryside vs London?

Riversdown Business English Lesson Immersion

We recognise that there is an obvious appeal for students in studying in the fast-moving urban environment of a global city. However, we would suggest you consider: what is the best and most effective learning environment for you?

First of all, Riversdown is located just over an hour away from London, with fast access by train to Waterloo Station from the nearby city of Winchester. So the city is easily accessible should you want or need to travel there.

More importantly for you, there are very few residential courses in London that do not require you to stay in a hotel or rented accommodation, usually at great extra expense at a distance away from your learning centre. On the Riversdown Estate everything is close by for you, and your private, ensuite accommodation is both comfortable and convenient, and provided to you at the lowest possible cost in your course fee.

A global city, but perhaps not ideal for learning



Regular visitors to London will testify that it is a “Global City” with over 100 different languages spoken. According to the most recent national census, more people living in London were born outside of the UK than inside. You can easily walk down the main streets of the city without hearing native English spoken aloud.

As an international company with clients from all over the world we wholeheartedly embrace the cosmopolitan spirit of our capital and feel privileged to be situated just over an hour away.

However for our students we believe that Riversdown, where you are completely surrounded by English for over 12 hours a day, will prove far more effective for you as a learning environment and you will get maximum value for what you invest in your training.

London Study Days with your Instructor

If you are still especially keen to experience London, we can organise away days for you to travel there to study with your instructor, before returning in the evening to rejoin your fellow students for dinner. We can also able to help you arrange a trip to the city at the weekend. Please contact us for more details.

Riversdown: A Short History

Riversdown Business English Immersion

The Riversdown Estate occupies over 20 hectares of land and is located in the South Downs National Park area of outstanding natural beauty just over an hour’s journey from London, close to the surrounding traditional villages and the historical capital city of Winchester.

Riversdown House itself is originally a fourteenth century old English Manor house, built on the site of a Roman settlement from 1AD. The house is yours to relax in and enjoy during your stay with us.  It also has 8 student rooms as well as the dining room where you take all your meals, the historical living room, lounge with TV and bar. All the rooms overlook our beautiful landscaped gardens and golf course.

Riversdown house business English Immersion

For detailed information on your intensive English immersion course, accommodation and facilities.

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