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Intensive Language Training for Professionals

“Helping clients communicate successfully across cultures to achieve sustainable improvements in performance”

We are a British-managed, multinational team of around fifty people working throughout Finland. Our regional offices are located in Tampere, Turku, Oulu, Jyväskylä, and Kuopio.

Espoo is our Nordic head office where we have a core team of specialist trainers delivering a broad portfolio of courses and consulting.

We are proud of our teaching heritage which has helped us become one of the world’s leading professional training and consulting companies.

Language : 60 years’ experience in teaching languages, creating the language immersion concept.

Communication : Unique integrated approach to communication skills based on company-specific cases.

Cross-Culture : Own academically-verified model of culture and a world leader in cross culture training and consulting

60 Years’ Experience in Teaching and Training in Finland

Richard Lewis Communications began operations in 1990, but our roots in Finland go back to 1952. We were founded by Richard D. Lewis, one of Britain’s foremost linguists and a leading global cross cultural specialist – In 2009, he was awarded the rank of Knight Commander, Order of the Lion of Finland.

With nearly 60 years experience in teaching and training, there is no other company with such an extensive knowledge and understanding of Finnish needs, helping to make them successful.

Unique Approach to Language and Communication Training

“Language without culture is just words…’’

Nearly 60 years of training in Finland means we understand that Finns have few equals in their knowledge of English as a foreign language. However, communication is not just about language.

It is also the skill of persuasively stating your case, of making your voice heard above the others claiming their market share.

Richard Lewis Communications Oy is unique in having a truly integrated approach to people development and an integrated portfolio of services to help clients communicate successfully across cultures and achieve sustainable improvements in performance.

The Training Outcomes – The Deliverables

“Teach, train, reflect, apply… an integrated approach to helping you communicate better internationally.”

We will:

  • Enhance your language skills and help you get your message across
  • Help you break down impasses using effective speaking, questioning and listening techniques
  • Give you the ability to negotiate, present and manage projects more effectively across cultures
  • Provide a framework to turn unstructured experiences into applicable knowledge
  • Help you master the tactics and persuasion strategies used in negotiations, presentations and meetings
  • Give you clear guidelines for applying the learning and adapting behaviour internationally
  • Give you improved self-knowledge through our online training resource for personal transformation.

Measuring the Deliverables

It is important for Richard Lewis Communications that we help clients reach their Key Performance Indicators (KPI), and for clients to try and make a Return on their Training Investments (TRI).

We understand that measuring training deliverables can be difficult and that is why we created the free of charge RLC Administration System (RLCadmin) This free online tool is used by our clients to track courses, budgets, cost-centre spending, and to gain feedback – all of which goes some way to helping them achieve their specific KPIs.

Courses and Services in Finland

When we create courses, seminars, workshops and teaching synopses, we believe the most productive and successful training sessions involve an open exchange of ideas, and are created together with you. We will investigate company specific cases, or assist with an important future project or venture.

Richard Lewis Communications also understands that for the best results, competence development should follow a 3 stage cycle;

Stage 1: ‘Needs / Situational Analysis’ and ‘Testing’

Stage 2: ‘Extremely Customised Training’

Stage 3: ‘Reporting, Monitoring and Feedback’ – Using

Consulting and Assessment

Communication consulting

Cross cultural consulting

Testing in all major languages

Needs analysis interviews and group placement

Online cross cultural testing

Communication Services – Language

Riversdown English in Finland – Language specific communication skills

– Language of Presentations

– Language of Negotiations or Language of Meetings

– Language of Leadership

– Business Specific English

General Language training

– (English, Finnish, Swedish, German, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, French)

Technical writing skills

Communication Services – Communication Competence

  • Presentation skills / Presenting across cultures
  • Negotiation skills / Negotiating across cultures
  • Meetings skills / International meeting skills
  • Virtual communication Leadership and Coaching Services
  • International leadership development
  • Leadership across cultures
  • Manager as Coach workshops
  • Individual key person coaching
  • Communicating within teams – creating “dream teams”

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For more details on cross- cultural training or consulting please visit


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Tel. +358 40 0380 439

Management Profiles

Elina Boman
Elina Boman
– Client Manager

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