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Richard Lewis Communications in Malmö, Göteborg and Helsingborg are Franchisees of Richard Lewis Communications Ltd, incorporated in Sweden in 1971.

Since the start we have had the pleasure of helping thousands of Swedish businessmen and women in developing their language- and communication skills.

Language Training

No matter the language, all our courses are offered as intensive language courses, either individually or in small groups of 2-5 participants. In Sweden we offer these intensive courses at one of our training centres or at our clients’ offices.

We have created our own distinctive approach, which combines the best of classic direct method teaching— where a structured question-and‐answer format is used to guide the student into producing grammatically correct and meaningful utterances with the latest modern techniques including role‐play, case studies and computer assisted learning.

Some examples of what a programme may include:

  • A review of your language structure and typical errors
  • Improvement of your fluency and confidence
  • Vocabulary extension in your professional field
  • Improvement in your ability to interact with audiences
  • Writing emails that have the effect you want
  • Social language to create the right climate for business
  • Pronunciation and intonation practice with difficult words and phrases

Language Training in Swedish

We have gained a glowing reputation over the last 40 years, as one of the leading providers for teaching Swedish as a foreign language.

We have put together a special program for relocated staff of international companies who, on arrival or after some time in Sweden, would like to achieve a quick and smooth integration into Swedish society.

Our concept will give excellent results because we offer: – Expert teachers, complete flexibility, tailor-made course material and Cross-Culture for our clients.

However, to succeed you need more than a language. It is also the skill of persuasively stating your case, the clarity and impact of your message, of making your voice heard above the other nationalities claiming their market share, or their say in policy.

Communication Skills

There are many things we can do to improve our effectiveness as communicators – whether as persuaders, presenters, negotiators or writers. And there is no single approach that suits everyone, any more than any two people are the same, or any situation.

The key is to find your strengths and help you become an authentic communicator, yet one who is able to adapt to different people and situations.

At Richard Lewis Communications we listen to what you need to achieve, work out together with you how you could develop, then plan a programme that will get results.

Communication is not purely about language. It is about how we:

  • Get people to like us
  • Put across a clear and logical message
  • Create enthusiasm and passion
  • Build trust
  • Get people to do things


Richard D. Lewis is one of the world’s leading cross‐cultural thinkers, and so we are ideally placed to give a powerful and practical cross‐cultural input to your training where needed. Communication is not just about language, but about the values and world view behind our words and our behaviour. Most of our training includes some cross‐cultural elements, based on our own unique model of culture and a vast bank of material that no other language training centre has access to. You can choose from more than 90 national cultures to learn about, or take a more general or functional approach. For example, you may wish to improve the productivity and success of a virtual team you are leading, or adapt your presentation for the USA, China or India.


Director – Maria Johnsson

Tel. +46 40 15 21 50

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