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Fernando Dourado
Company: 3WInternational Business Consulting / Merken – Managing Director
Course: One-to-One

"Riversdown for me was a magic experience. It all came out of the blue with no previous planning as only multiactive folks are used to organize their lives. To make matters more critical I had to move from apartment in hectic São Paulo in a week time so I had all the excuses to postpone it a little longer. But the experience was so appealing. From the moment I was greeted by a driver at Heathrow airport to the moment I was sipping a cocktail in summer garden with Jane and Richard Lewis, and ten more students I felt so invigorated and happy. And so it was for a whole week.

Riversdown was much more than a learning experience. It was like joining a family and sharing with close relatives many unturned issues on cross cultural aspects. A crushing sense of solitude was then broken and I started seeing many bridges leading to different directions. I assume kids arriving at Diesneyland parks for the first time feel this way. On top of everything we had a well planed routine, delicious meals, dedicated staff and the fresh air of morning walks in beautiful suroundings. I have been around for more than 40 years and I have led big teams.

I cannot think of a more effective way to invest in English tuition. As per myself, I wish I will come back soon because in Riversdown there is always something new to learn - including golf which every one who tried it just loved the experience and made huge progress in just a couple of weeks. Riversdown is Richard´s life long dream. Every detail of the experience can testify dreams are powerful and you will be the main benefitiary of his vision. It was one the best weeks of my life and the ideal place for making new consistent friendships."

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Andrea Sebben
Company: Equipe Andrea Sebben – Directora
Course: Cross Culture

Escolhemos o Richard Lewis  Communication para atualizar nossos conhecimentos em Ciencias Interculturais porque temos certeza que este é um lugar de referencia ao redor do mundo para isso. Beber da fonte de experiência e teorias do Mr. Lewis  é sempre um prazer!

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