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Umberto Fiaccadori
Company: Institution of Informatics School of Economics, Lund University

I really remembered my staying at Riversdown with excitement. I simply loved the opportunity to combine lectures in English with lectures in Golf in fantastic surroundings and well equipped facilities. The personnel were professional and very nice in all dimensions. The food was great and I gained a half a pound in weight.

I only regret one thing from the whole experience. After two weeks all my material as well as exercises for enhancement were available at my work place. The regret is that I still haven't done my homework.

According to my own estimation my English abilities enhanced by really 10 to 15 % by the week I was there. As a whole I really good investment:)

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Anna Månsson
Company: Lund University School of Economics and Management, Sweden – Employability Coordinator

I came to Riversdown to improve my English skills, particularly presentation and negotiation techniques and academic writing, since I was going to give a very important presentation at an international conference.

I think it was a great course with excellent teachers. I also very much enjoyed the different evening activities which gave me a chance to further practice my English and to network with the other course participants. Riversdown house, its surroundings and the staff at Riversdown are also factors that further contributed to my very positive impression of the course.

I definitely improved my presentation skills and my English skills in general, as well as giving me a deeper understanding about cultural differences when negotiating for example.

Since I work at a university with a lot of international students and a lot of international collaborations I speak/write/read English every day. I also often give lectures and seminars in English. The course has been very useful to me. Thank you!

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