12 Reasons to Choose Riversdown

Accredited English Language Courses at Riversdown



    Since 1971, we have trained over 35,000 international executives, academics and government workers from over 67 countries from all industry groups and sectors.


    Riversdown House is accredited by the British Council for an independent assurance of the quality of your training.


    We specialise in creating courses for demanding and busy professionals from all industry groups and sectors all over the world. We can help you develop industry specific English abilities, as well as advanced communications skills in presentations, negotiations, chairing meetings etc.

  4. Valuing Your Investment

    We recognise that training is a considerable investment for your organisation that involves an opportunity cost. Here at Riversdown we are dedicated to making sure your training provides the maximum return on that investment with tangible results that will benefit you and your business in the global market place. Over the duration of our relationship we can work together with you to monitor and assess the real-world, quantifiable effects of your training on your business success, so we can continue to enhance the effectiveness of your training and again further increase the return on your investment.


    Every single course we create for you is specifically customised to your needs and those of your organisation – so your learning is as targeted, efficient and value-driven as possible. Everything about your experience is tailored exactly according to your business and learning requirements.


    We only accomodate 16 one-to-one students per week at Riversdown so you will receive maximum individual attention throughout your course from your trainers and support staff. We can respond immediately to changes or alterations to your course that you wish to make during your stay, to ensure you are always completely satisfied with the progress of your studies.

  7. A Single, easy point of contact

    Our business team, headed by Business Director of Languages Andrew Birchall, is available for your organisation as a consistent point of access to answer your questions, coordinate the customisation of your programme and to help you make sure your investment in training is producing satisfactory results both at Riversdown, but also more importantly in real-life situations.


    The Riversdown Estate, where you learn, sleep, eat and relax is carefully designed to minimise your distractions and maximise your motivation so you gain the highest possible return on your investment. You will be speaking, practising and interacting in English for over 12 hours a day through lessons and structured activities, and we are totally focused on helping you achieve your goals as effectively and efficiently as possible.


    We are also specialists in cross cultural communication and consultancy with a body of knowledge and practical models developed over decades by our Chairman Richard D Lewis. We deliver cross cultural training to some of the world’s largest and leading organisations and you too can have this integrated into your own course to make sure your message is delivered as effectively as possible across international and cultural boundaries.


    You can benefit from a range of flexible blended and e-learning programmes so you can maintain and improve on the rapid progress you make at Riversdown after you have returned to your own country. If you wish to continue with another provider we are happy to supply your learning notes to help support your continued success.


    Of thousands of students surveyed over the years, more than 95% rated their course and trainers very good to excellent. We have had ongoing relationships with major global corporations and institutions for many years, and in some instances even several decades continuously.


    If your course does not meet with the satisfaction of you or your organisation, we will refund the cost of your tuition.

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