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At Riversdown House we have trained over 35,000 international business executives, global professionals, politicians, academics and private individuals from 67 different countries in English Communication Skills since 1971.

We offer you completely customised, intensive English language courses, tailor-made to your individual needs and your organisation. With immersion programmes lasting from 1 week to more than 6 months, we have taught English language and Advanced Communications skills to almost every business role and sector from around the world.

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Intensive English language and communications skills training for global professionals.

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One-to-One English Lessons, Private Accommodation, Meals, Activities … Everything Included

Our residential immersion centre, Riversdown House, just over an hour from London is your ideal training environment for your intensive English course. We specialise in providing the best English language training for professionals and business executives from all over Europe and the rest of the world.

The Riversdown experience is much more than just intensive English training; we also cover everything from your airport transfer, private on-site accommodation, all meals and refreshments to leisure facilities and daily social activities where you practise your newly acquired skills.

We have learned from over 40 years of experience in executive language training that a positive learning environment which maximises your energy and motivation is the key to your success: the rapid improvement of your English language abilities and the best possible return on your investment.

Our clients have told us that their colleagues are amazed how much progress they make with their English language and communication skills in so little time at Riversdown, and that a short, intense course with us is worth a much longer time elsewhere.

English Immersion - Intensive English Learning All day Every Day

You are completely “immersed” in an English-speaking environment throughout the day, actively practising your skills inside and outside of your classes. And after a full day of one-to-one English lessons with your expert teachers, meals and activities, you can enjoy our inclusive gym, unwind with a game of tennis, play a round of golf, network with your fellow professionals or simply relax in our authentic Finnish Sauna.

Not only will an Intensive English course at Riversdown be one of the most effective learning experiences you will have ever had, you will also discover it to be one of the most satisfying.

We are confident that your experience with us will be as unforgettable as the English you learn, and your newly enhanced communications skills will benefit your international professional career. English is the most important and widespread means of international communication across many global industries and organisations, so improving your language skills through an intensive English course is one of the best possible investments for your future success.

Arrange a visit HR Directors and Training Officers. Try before you Buy!

Before committing to training your staff with us, we welcome study visits from HR Directors, Heads of Training and others responsible for staff development at large organisations. We invite you to come and experience the quality and effectiveness of our intensive English courses and sample the uniqueness of Riversdown first hand with our students, so you can fully appreciate how much your staff would benefit. We also offer very preferential rates for organisations sending us multiple students so we can help your training budget go as far as possible. Please contact us to arrange your visit.

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More information on our Intensive English courses and communications skills training for professionals and course fees can be found here.

You can choose the intensity of your course, according to your desired learning pace and budget and we are always happy to discuss with you the best options for you and your business. We can build and customise you any sort of intensive English course you need, so it is perfectly tailored to your exact requirements.

Choose Riversdown to help you and your business succeed in the future. If you have any questions about our specialised English courses for executives, professionals and business, or other services, please read our FAQ page. Alternatively, please get in touch with our expert advisors on +44 (0)1962 77 11 11.

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