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Immersion English Training for Global Professionals

We specialise in True Immersion training. Our residential centre, Riversdown House, just over an hour from London is your ideal training environment for your intensive English course. From the moment you arrive at breakfast in the morning, until you go to bed at night you will be speaking, practising and interacting in English for over 12 hours a day inside and outside your formal classes. You are completely surrounded by English throughout each day of your course, combining structured and social learning activity. 

Our students learn more with us – and more quickly – because we and our fantastic team of teachers have built a place over the years which minimises distractions and maximises your enjoyment and motivation.



Five Core Elements

  1. At the centre, your individually customised one-to-one sessions with your training team
  2. Your social learning breaks during the study day. Here you practise your English with your instructors, staff and fellow students in an informal setting between sessions
  3. Lunch together with instructors
  4. Breakfast and three-course dinner with native English speakers and your residential teacher
  5. Evening social activities / excursions. After dinner we provide organised activities giving you a further opportunity to interact in English with native speakers and fellow students

We can also organize optional exercises with other students of similar ability in order to practice your communication skills in a simulated business setting.

Structured and Social Learning

Structured and Social Learning form the two fundamental elements of your course. You have eight formal sessions during the day and you can select the intensity of your study by varying the number of instructor-led classes and guided self-study sessions.

These are the main opportunity for you to actively target the areas you wish to focus on, and through one-to-one customised training with our highly experienced instructors you will progress as efficiently as possible.

However, we inlcude the social factor and encourage you to discuss, use and practise what you learn inside the classroom outside it with everyone else. With breakfast, lunch, social learning breaks and your three-course dinner, all with fellow students, staff and instructors, in addition to specially selected evening activities, we aim to have you practising and improving every single moment of the day.

Our fundamental aim in balancing structured and social learning is to improve your learning potential through minimising fatigue and maximising your stimulation and motivation.


All Inclusive

Your course is all-inclusive in the most complete sense. From the moment we pick you up at the airport until we take you back at the end of your studies, everything is taken care of for you so that you can concentrate all your energy on improving your communications skills as quickly as possible.

“Everything Included. Nothing else to organise.”

All training materials, meals and coffee breaks, accommodation, sports and leisure facilities, private laundry service, daily evening activities are included. All you need to do is book your course and arrive at the airport. We will take care of the rest for you.

For students staying more than one week, we also provide a weekend excursion each Saturday to an area of interest. Common destinations include London, Oxford, Bath and Stonehenge.

Your accommodation, learning centre, sporting facilities and dining room are all located within minutes of each other on our private estate, so there is no time and energy wasted on travel for you.

Read more about our residential training centre in the UK, Riversdown House, that has been providing English language immersion training since 1971.

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