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Elisabeth Wennström
Manpower – Regional Manager, West Sweden

I have spent 2 weeks in 2016 and 2 weeks in 2017 at Riversdown. My goal and focus has been to improve my vocabulary both in written and spoken English with focus on work-related terms.

The teachers I have encountered have been excellent, really good at identifying my needs and accommodating my wishes.

What I really enjoyed as well was that we didn´t just train during the days, but all the time. We spent lovely dinners together, making great new contacts and had the opportunity to try out the new knowledge daily.

Besides that, Riversdown House has a great atmosphere. I definitely recommend Riversdown House and their language courses to anyone who wishes to improve their English in a professional environment.

Astrid T. Stormorken MD, PhD.
Company: University Hospital Oslo, Norway – Consultant and Specialist in Clinical Genetics
Course: One-to-One

A great week spent at Riversdown House in November 2013!

I am a medical specialist in Clinical Genetics, working at the University Hospital in Oslo, Norway. Norwegian is my native language. My PhD was written in English and I am a co-author of several publications in international medical journals. I have worked 16 months as a consultant at The Royal Marsden Hospital in London. Over the years I have had presentations/lectures at national and international meetings. I came to Riversdown House because I wished to improve my English, both for private and professional use.

The training programme was customized to my needs. I spent one week having mainly face-to-face sessions. I wished to improve my grammar, vocabulary and written English. I did not feel a need to strengthen my work-related vocabulary (medical terms), but to incorporate them in well written and spoken English. The trainers I had were quite professional and were able to relate to my needs. We spent time working on drafts for medical publications, improving grammar and language. I enjoyed reading and discussing newspaper- and magazine articles, and British humour. At my wish we also had some culinary discussions based on selected English menus.

Riversdown House has a great atmosphere. Meals were shared at the main house in good company with fellow students, teachers and Mr and Mrs Lewis. Each day had some social event.

I greatly recommend Riversdown House and the language course to everyone who wishes to improve their English in a professional, friendly and outstanding environment.

Maunu von Lüders
JetLite - India, FlyNordic - Sweden – Former CEO

Riversdown and Richard Lewis Communications have during many years been providing me valuable and unique cross cultural knowledge and insights and have helped to enhance my personal cross cultural skills and sensitivities. I have also brought multi-cultural teams to Riversdown to open up their eyes to the benefits of understanding cross cultural interactions and conducting them skillfully with an open mind. I have used Richard Lewis' book "When Cultures Collide" as my main toolbox and a source of reference and guidance regarding cultural insights during my career within the air transport industry in various parts of the world.

I would recommend the programs at Riversdown to everyone who are seeking a new level of understanding of how our global village works when it comes to making the most out of the interaction between individuals and organizations in our highly diverse world.

Pascal Maugey
Company: EDF – Directeur adjoint de la Direction Des Affaires Internationales
Course: One-to-One

Je travaille dans le Nucléaire en France et suis venu a Riversdown dans le cadre d'un changement d'activité pour prendre un job a EDF Energy. Il me semblait donc absolument necessaire de développer mon anglais (et surtout l'anglais technique) avant de commencer a travailler a EDF Energy.

J'ai été tres impressionné par l'organisation : Le timing tres différent chaque jour,les modes de discussion avec de multiples professeurs, leur adaptation rapide aux focus dont j'avais besoin (les aspects techniques) et aussi..... l'excellente convivialité en dehors des cours.

j'ai beaucoup apprécié les visites (toujours en Anglais) tres instructives des villes (magnifiques cathédrales et musées de la région) et surtout Stone Hedge dont je revais depuis mon enfance.

Ma présentation Anglaise concernant la sureté des centrales nucléaires et leur avenir a été suivie par un public nombreux et tres intéressé.

Pepa Ferrer
Company: Pepa Ferrer IDIOMAS – Overseas Education Adviser

My experience at Riversdown was very good. I took a course last Dec 2013 for specific purposes. I am an agent in Spain and before starting with the promotion of Riversdown programmes, I wanted to "sample the experience" in order to be able to promote their courses more accurately and efficiently. My course was based on business English combined with Cross Cultural Awareness. I improved not just my English but I also gained a new overview of the cultural diversity´s role in the business world. A relevant matter for those professionals involved in international projects.

Accommodation was beyond expectations too. The buildings are located in the country side and the surrondings are wonderful apart from the facilities in general. Food was excellent and the company and networking an added value!

I am currently promoting Richard Lewis Communication programmes with the conviction of their quality knowing firsthand the return of investment my clients will get afterwards. Thanks for having given to me this great opportunity. All the best,

Fernando Dourado
Company: 3WInternational Business Consulting / Merken – Managing Director
Course: One-to-One

"Riversdown for me was a magic experience. It all came out of the blue with no previous planning as only multiactive folks are used to organize their lives. To make matters more critical I had to move from apartment in hectic São Paulo in a week time so I had all the excuses to postpone it a little longer. But the experience was so appealing. From the moment I was greeted by a driver at Heathrow airport to the moment I was sipping a cocktail in summer garden with Jane and Richard Lewis, and ten more students I felt so invigorated and happy. And so it was for a whole week.

Riversdown was much more than a learning experience. It was like joining a family and sharing with close relatives many unturned issues on cross cultural aspects. A crushing sense of solitude was then broken and I started seeing many bridges leading to different directions. I assume kids arriving at Diesneyland parks for the first time feel this way. On top of everything we had a well planed routine, delicious meals, dedicated staff and the fresh air of morning walks in beautiful suroundings. I have been around for more than 40 years and I have led big teams.

I cannot think of a more effective way to invest in English tuition. As per myself, I wish I will come back soon because in Riversdown there is always something new to learn - including golf which every one who tried it just loved the experience and made huge progress in just a couple of weeks. Riversdown is Richard´s life long dream. Every detail of the experience can testify dreams are powerful and you will be the main benefitiary of his vision. It was one the best weeks of my life and the ideal place for making new consistent friendships."

Andrea Jotti
Company: Sudler & Hennessey, Italy – Client Services Director
Course: One-to-One

In 2013 I came to Riversdown in order to improve my English, this was for me a professional and personal need.

During a full immersion course, I studied a lot of grammar and vocabular but the most important thing I practiced my english with various teachers and students.

So it was a great experience for me. I spent one week in a nice place with a great atmosphere very challenging for me. Along with 15 students coming worldwide, very interesting people, and talking in English every day, every hours (I had began to dream in English!!!). Now I’m more confident than I was. I’m continuing to study the language, watching TV, reading books because I would like to do another step forward, not only for my job but also for my life. I hope in the future to come back to Riversdown

Umberto Fiaccadori
Company: Institution of Informatics School of Economics, Lund University

I really remembered my staying at Riversdown with excitement. I simply loved the opportunity to combine lectures in English with lectures in Golf in fantastic surroundings and well equipped facilities. The personnel were professional and very nice in all dimensions. The food was great and I gained a half a pound in weight.

I only regret one thing from the whole experience. After two weeks all my material as well as exercises for enhancement were available at my work place. The regret is that I still haven't done my homework.

According to my own estimation my English abilities enhanced by really 10 to 15 % by the week I was there. As a whole I really good investment:)

Pierangelo Moro
Company: Daiichi Sankyo Italia – Regional Business Director
Course: One-to-One

Partivo da zero ma Grazie a voi in un solo mese ho superato il Toefl Test, proprio quel terribile Test, contro ogni previsione. Tutti mi dicevano "E' impossibile".  Invece no, grazie a voi è stato possibile.

Un ambiente serio, professionale, coinvolgente, caldo dove non puoi non imparare. Il miglior tempo passato a studiare della mia vita.

Tornerò, ne sono sicuro, sto facendo di tutto per tornare presto, ho ancora tanto da imparare e Riversdown è per me il posto migliore per farlo!

Patrick Stocker
Company: UBS – Senior IT Project Manager
Course: One-to-One

Bei meinem Jobwechsel habe ich die Chance ergriffen und zwei Wochen Riversdown gebucht.

Der persönliche Unterricht mit meinem Privatlehrer war für mich sehr  förderlich. Er erkannte meine Schwächen und wir konnten gezielt auf diese eingehen. Auf meinen Wunsch war die Übung für Business English ausgelegt und ich kann heute in meinem Berufsalltag auf gute Ratschläge und Tipps aus diesen zwei Wochen zurückgreifen.

Bei eindrücklichen Ausflügen und Dinner lerne ich viele gute Kollegen kennen, mit denen ich heute noch Kontakt pflege. Der Roomservice des Riversdown war vorzüglich und ich war sehr beeindruckt, dass auch dass Studenten sind die so ihr English verbessern können.

Nach zwei Wochen auf diesem wunderschönen englischen Landgut, kann ich dieses Intensivtraining nur wärmstens weiterempfehlen!

Monir Metawa & Rose Rimali
Private –
Course: One-to-One

كنت أعرف الأنجليزية بدرجة ما..لكنني لم أكن  قد مارستها كتابة ونطقا بطريقة سليمة، وعندما سنحت لي فرصة للإشتراك في دورة دراسية للإنجليزية بطريقة علمية مبتكرة مع الإقامة في الريف البريطاني الجميل، والتفرغ تماما لرفع مستوى إتقاني للغة شكسبير، لم أدع هذه الفرصة النادرة تفوتني فبادرت بالحضور إلى هنا...   وعشت ومعي زوجتي فترة ممتعة من حياتنا في صحبة هذه العائلة الرائعة التي 

  RIVERSDOWN   تدير "ريفرزداون"                                                                                                   

 استمتعنا بالصحبة والمودة والصداقات الجديدة مع إناس جاءوا من اربع أركان الأرض للتمتع باللغة الرفيعة التي يتكلمها ويتداولها ويتواصل بها ملايين من البشر في كل مكان. 

أدهشتني النظرية المبتكرة التي ابتدعها السيد ريتشارد لويس

وهي فكرة عبقرية وطريقة غير مسبوقة..طليعية، وشديدة التأثير والنجاح في جعل الانسان يستغرق في معايشة وفهم واستعذاب واستكشاف خبايا وسحر هذه اللغة، فأنت هنا لست في مدرسة أو كلية أو مركز تدريب..أنت في سياحة ثقافية ممتعة فيها رحلات وجولات في المعالم المحيطة ولقاءآت وأحاديث مع الناس في هذا الريف الجميل، وسهرات مع عروض مسرحية ونزهات للتريض واستنشاق الهواء النقي بجانب استخدام أرقى وسائل المعرفة التكنولوجية والالكترونية بالصوت والصورة وبمعاونة فريق ممتاز من المتخصصين في تعليم الانجليزية بهذه الطريقة الفريدة.

ولو فكرت في التعبير عن كل مايخطر ببالي عندما أستعيد ذكريات هذه التجربة المثيرة والممتعة قد أحتاج إلى فصول وفصول من الكتابة. هل سأتكلم عن الجو العائلي الودود الذي أحاط بنا؟.. هل أستعيد ذكريات المحادثات المتعددة مع زملاء وزميلات البرنامج الدراسي ـ كان معنا في الدورة زملاء وزميلات من بلدان مختلفة تتوزع على خريطة العالم ـ وكنا نراجع معا التركيبات اللغوية. وكان بعضنا يخلط في استخدام العبارات فتأتي النتيجة مضحكة قبل أن يتعرف على العبارة الصحيحة لتأتي النتيجة مبهرة ومفرحة.

هل أتحدث عن الأساليب الراقية التي تستخدم هنا لفك أسرار اللغة الانجليزية والتعرف على مفاتيج جمالياتها وهندسة بناء نحوها وصرفها؟

هل أتذكر أن بعضنا كان يعرف بعض الكلمات، لكنه ينطقها بطريقة تثير السخرية، ربما لأنه تعلمها قراءة فقط ولم يسبق له ـ أو لها ـ سماعها منطوقة من أحد.. أو ربما في حالات أخرى كما رويت للزملاء هنا، أن المعلم الذي لقننا هذه الكلمة أو تلك تعلمها خطأ فعلّمها إيانا خطأّ!

هل أكشف سر الفكرة البسيطة العبقرية التي تقوم عليها نظرية السيد لويس؟.. اللغة كائن حي لاتدركه إلا بالمعايشة، بأن تحياها وتمارسها.. تتحدثها مع أبنائها.. ومع الآخرين الذين جاءوا من أنحاء المعمورة ليتكلموها.. ويكتبوها ويعايشونها.

                                                                               منير مطاوع 

                                                                              روز الرمالي

Tomi Laitinen
Company: GlaxoSmithKline – Commercial Excellence Lead, Finland and Baltic Cluster
Course: One-to-One

In my new role I need to engage and inspire our cross-country colleagues

I came to Riversdown to study chairing meetings, negotiation & working people of other nationalities and making powerful presentations

The Riversdown team is able to offer the best teachers for your tailored needs, really making sure you get the best value for your time and money invested. Every minute was worth it!

My ability to use English increased a lot because I was able to learn the things I needed the most.

This is why I can recommend Riversdown for all the people whose success in work is dependent on ability to engage people by using English and needs to improve on their English speaking or written skills.

Irina and Evgeny
Course: One-to-One, January 2014

My husband and myself had been to Riversdown House in January 2014. Our aim was to improve our everyday English in all aspects. Our experience was more than positive. The atmosphere was very nice and friendly and the language course itself - individually tailored and very professional. We felt huge progress just after one week! Not the least to be mentioned are very comfortable accommodation, excellent food and lots of sport facilities at hand. Perfect setting to study English! We left the place with great desire to come back and we will definitely recommend it to our friends.

Bernhard Ufholz
Company: Forschungsinstitut Betriebliche Bildung
Course: One-to-One

"Gerne erinnere ich mich an meinen Aufenthalt in Riversdown in einer verregneten Aprilwoche im Jahr 1994. Ich hatte ein wunderschönes Zimmer, englische Zeitschriften auf dem Schreibtisch und konnte gleich eintauchen in "total immersion". Frühstücken gemeinsam mit den Lehrern bietet bereits den ersten Lerneffekt: Mit meinem Abitur-Englisch hatte ich keine Ahnung, was ich sagen soll, damit mir jemand die Butter rüberreicht. Der Unterricht mit verschiedenen Lehrern war abwechslungsreich und perfekt zugeschnitten auf meine Defizite. In Gruppenübungen zu "Making a Presentation" und "Negociation" konnte ich meine erworbenen Kenntnisse anwenden. Sehr anregend waren auch abends die Gespräche mit Richard D. Lewis oder anderen Gästen. Eine rundherum perfekte Woche - so sollte Lernen immer sein, nicht nur für diejenigen, die sich Riversdown leisten können."

Dr. Gabriele Jahn
Company: Stadtwerke München GmbH – Projektmanagerin
Course: One-to-One

Ich hatte ein 14 tägiges Englisch Intensivtraining in Riversdown House und kann es nur jedem empfehlen. Das Programm war mit acht Stunden Einzeltraining sowie Ausflügen und Abendveranstaltungen in der Gruppe durchaus anspruchsvoll. Es wurde aber jederzeit, flexibel und mit einem erstaunlich vielfältigen Methodenmix auf die persönlichen Lernbedürfnisse eingegangen. Die zeitliche und monetäre Investition haben sich für mich auf alle Fälle gelohnt. Ich habe alle meine gesetzten Ziele erreicht und auch Monate später noch die Eigenmotivation weiterzulernen.

Das wunderbare Ambiente von Riversdown House, die Familie Lewis, die Lehrer und die "Mitstudenten" machten diesen Aufenthalt zu etwas ganz Besonderem. Ich komme gerne wieder!

Andrea Sebben
Company: Equipe Andrea Sebben – Directora
Course: Cross Culture

Escolhemos o Richard Lewis  Communication para atualizar nossos conhecimentos em Ciencias Interculturais porque temos certeza que este é um lugar de referencia ao redor do mundo para isso. Beber da fonte de experiência e teorias do Mr. Lewis  é sempre um prazer!

Daniel Tschudy
About Cross Culture – Speaker, Trainer & Consultant on Cross Culture Competence
Course: One-to-One

Denn was man hier in der südenglischen Grafschaft Hampshire vorfindet, ist eine Oase der Ruhe und ein Hort der Konzentration. Entsprechend sind die Zimmer simpelber sympathisch eingerichtet. Einen Fernseher sucht man vergebens.

Das Riversdown House ist also doch exklusiv und eigenartig. Kein Wunder, spricht die bereits 1971 gegründete Schule ein höheres Publikum an, zum Beispiel Geschäftsleute oder Politiker. Entspre- chend beträgt das Durchschnittsalter der aus aller Welt kommenden Studenten 35 bis 40 Jahre. In dieser familiären Atmo- sphäre, mit einer Höchstkapazität von ge- rade mal 16 Studenten, ist deshalb das in- terkulturelle Networking ein zusätzlicher wertvoller Pluspunkt."

"Das wirklich Spezielle ist aber, dass jede Klasse gerade mal einen Studenten hat. Oder man könnte es auch umkehren. Jeder Student hat sein eigenes Klassenzimmer mit gerade mal zwei Stühlen. Im erwähnten Hühnerstall gibt es nämlich nur 16 Schulungsräume, die zu Wochenbeginn fix zugeteilt werden. Der Gast richtet sich quasi persönlich ein, installiert auch mal sein Notebook und positioniert seine Lehrbücher. Der oder die Lehrer kommen dann auf die entsprechenden Lektionen vorbei. Und zwar aufgrund eines zusam- men etablierten Wochenplans."

Im Riversdown House kann man sein Englisch in allen Bereichen verbessern. Die einen müssen Verträge schreiben, an- dere am Telefon arbeiten, und Dritte wol- len einfach besser mit ihren englisch- sprechenden Enkelkindern skypen können. Das Weiterbildungsprogramm passt sich also jedem Bedürfnis an. Entsprechend werden dann auch die Lehrer zuge- teilt. Entweder aus dem eigenen Pool oder, falls es zum Beispiel Anwaltsenglisch be- trifft, mit externem Fachpersonal.

Denn man spürt, dass der Besuch im Riversdown House nicht nur sprachlich gutgetan hat, sondern auch eine Pause für die Seele war. Fast schon eine Art berufliche Ferien, aber so richtig gute."

(extract from  HANDELSZEITUNG | Nr. 43 | 25. Oktober 2012)

Anna Månsson
Company: Lund University School of Economics and Management, Sweden – Employability Coordinator

I came to Riversdown to improve my English skills, particularly presentation and negotiation techniques and academic writing, since I was going to give a very important presentation at an international conference.

I think it was a great course with excellent teachers. I also very much enjoyed the different evening activities which gave me a chance to further practice my English and to network with the other course participants. Riversdown house, its surroundings and the staff at Riversdown are also factors that further contributed to my very positive impression of the course.

I definitely improved my presentation skills and my English skills in general, as well as giving me a deeper understanding about cultural differences when negotiating for example.

Since I work at a university with a lot of international students and a lot of international collaborations I speak/write/read English every day. I also often give lectures and seminars in English. The course has been very useful to me. Thank you!

Anders Nilsson
Company: Göteborg University, Sweden – Senior Business Advisor, School of Business, Economics and Law

"I have had the pleasure of visiting Riversown twice the last couple of years. It has been a tremendous experience providing me with valuable insights and knowledge. My English has improved both from a business conversational perspective as written. What I especially appreciated during my visits was the focused learning environment with highly skilled and engaged teachers but also the possibility to tailor suit the learning experience by changing the schedule in accordance with my progress and need.

In conclusion I can highly recommend a visit to Riversdown. You will meet people from all around the world ackompanied with a lovely scenery, professional recreation possibilities such as golf, tennis, local visits and non the least a warm and open relation both with the teaching staff as well as with Mr Richard D. Lewis who always took time to interact."

Carlos Abrunhosa de Brito
Company: Talent – SGPS, SA – CFO
Course: One-to-One

“Com a expansão internacional do Grupo Talent que exerce a sua atividade na área do ensino de design e marketing, do qual sou acionista e administrador, tive que me preparar para ir viver para Londres onde me encontro parte do meu tempo, desde 2013. Com uma formação de 4 semanas que decorreu ao longo de três meses, tive oportunidade de evoluir de um nível de “no english” para o Inglês necessário a uma independência em Londres.

Riversdown não me proporcionou apenas um progresso no idioma mas também a amizade com a família Lewis com quem tenho já partilhado outros momentos fora de Riversdown e uma rede de contactos com colegas de outras nacionalidades que frequentaram comigo esta passagem por Riversdown. É sem dúvida uma experiência que tenciono repetir cada ano.
Até breve”

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