Riversdown in the World’s Press


Riversdown was honoured to be mentioned in several prestigious publications in June following the appointment of our former student, Leonid Slutsky, as manager of Hull City Football Club. After a successful career as the head coach of CSKA Moscow and the Russian national team, Leonid set his sights on a career in English football and we are very happy to have been with him on this journey.

Further details can be found on the following websites:

New York Times: As Russian soccer steps onto world stage, an ambassador arrives in England

The Independent: Leonid Slutsky on life away from Russia as he looks to make it big in England

Sport Express: Леонид Слуцкий: “Как я выучил английский и что еще делал в Англии”

Sky Sports: New Hull boss Leonid Slutsky has held talks with Roman Abramovic about loaning Chelsea players

Riversdown 24/07/17

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