Virtual Riversdown – Only a Click Away

The end of your course at Riversdown is potentially only the beginning of an exciting, new virtual-learning relationship.

If you don’t have a teacher at home, why not continue to learn on a flexible basis with the team that knows you the best?

We now have a dedicated Riversdown virtual-learning suite so we can connect with anywhere in the world using packages such as Skype and FaceTime.

You could now have Virtual Riversdown available on your mobile device whenever you need us.

For example, if that crucial meeting is only a week away and you would like to run through some key points and useful expressions, why not contact Virtual Riversdown for real-time support?

Or if you’d like to check some important slides and run through that key presentation together, Virtual Riversdown can also help you with this.

Alternatively, you might want to edit a game-changing report to make sure that high-quality language reinforces your high-quality message. Virtual Riversdown is happy to go through it with you.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Riversdown soon and to supporting you through Virtual Riversdown as required.

Virtual Riversdown – we are now only a click away.

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