English for Special Purposes at Riversdown


Riversdown’s focus on one-to-one, tailor-made immersion training provides the perfect context in which to develop English for Special Purposes (ESP) programmes.

In fact, all our courses are specifically designed for each individual student in terms of their existing language level and skills, as well as their particular requirements and objectives.

This creates the ideal foundation on which to build programmes that focus on themes and topics specific to a particular professional field or role, such as law or construction, for example.

Two areas we have been looking at in more detail recently are those of Medicine and Hospitality.

Our English for Medical Purpose (EMP) Programme is designed for doctors, nurses and other personnel in the field of medicine with the aim of meeting the specific English language needs of medical professionals. All aspects of the course are designed to target their particular needs in the most effective way, from vocabulary building to functional skills, as well as cultural aspects which may be important in a medical context.

We have also designed a programme, English for the Hospitality Industry, which is tailored to the specific needs of people working in tourism, catering and the hotel industry.

Whatever your professional context, we can design a course to match it, so that the time you spend at Riversdown is entirely focused on learning the structures, vocabulary and skills for the tasks and situations you face on a daily basis.

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